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Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye x Jean Havoc Threesomes

The more, the merrier!

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A real userinfo page will come along shortly.

This community, in case it's not clear, is for fanfics featuring FMA's Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, and Jean Havoc in a polyamorous relationship, whether it be a V or a triad. This is not for fics featuring wangsty love triangles where one must choose one over the other, or for skulking around behind someone's back and boning someone else in secrecy on the sly.

To clarify that, no, they don't have to always be in bed together for every fic. In fact, all three of them don't have to be in a relationship with one another. They can be in a V, with one of them as the pivot, or a triad, with all three of them in a relationship together. The key is: it must be an open relationship, however it's done. None of that "S/he will kill us if s/he ever found out about our passionate affair! Oh noes!" melodrama soap opera lying backstabbing bullshit. Nothing with them sitting in closets cutting themselves in time with Linkin Park tunes wangsting about having to choose their one twu wuv.

Open, honest, polyamorous relationships. You decide on how they've found a way to make it work for them. But no lying. No cheating. No bullshitting.

So until userinfo of actual content comes along, here's the basic rules:
- Post your 'fics behind cuts
- Post pics behind cuts
- Label and disclaim everything properly
- No flaming or wanking


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